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WS Series IGBT Inverter DC TIG Welder

  • Product Name:  WS Series IGBT Inverter DC TIG Welder
  • Product Details:  WS Series IGBT Inverter DC TIG Welder

Main Characteristics
1. The most professional design of TIG welder, with current presetting and [arc ignition/current up time/current down time adjustable` functions, reducing efficiently the furning loss of tungsten electrode and components pollution.
2. Applying IGBT inverter technology can save energy; work quickly and welding current is stable, obviously improves the efficiency. Combining with MMA function, suitable to all electrode welding.
3. Unique Separateness Heat Sink Technology offers this machine the most effective cost; it is the best choice of TIG welder.
4. High duty cycle and the high protection design ensure safe and reliable working performance.
5. In 40 condition, WS-315D output current: 250A@100%, WS-400D: 370A@100%; WS series is the standard industrial TIG and MMA welder which is suitable to severe environment and heavy duty.
6. Provided with intelligent fan, which will stop working after the machine does not work for 5-6 minutes; as soon as the machine starts to work, the fan will return to work.
7. Provided with excellent protection, such as over voltage, under voltage, over heat and default phase, ensures the safely and greatly reducing the fault rates.
8. Excellent adaptability in unstable power grid, such as, speed change and drop votage, disturbing pulses, passing high and low voltage testing.
9. Industrial packaging and protection are tested by drop test, suitable to long-distance transportation.
10. ASK unique design, elegant appearance and easily recognize.

Item no./ model WS-315 WS-400 WS-500
Rated Input Voltage(V) 3-380 3-380 3-380
Frequency(Hz) 50/60 50/60 50/60
Rated Input Current(A) 12 17.8 15.8
Rated Input Power Capacity(KVA) 7.5 11.5 16.5
Suitable Voltage Range(V) 330-450 330-450 330-450
No-Load Voltage(V) 70 70 75
Rated Output Current(A) 315 400 500
Rated Duty Cycle (%) 60 60 60
Output Current Range(A) 10-315 10-400 10-500
Insulation Class H H H
Protection Class IP21S IP21S IP21S
Exterior Size(mm) 535x325x475 535x325x475 588x344x592
Machine N.W. 31 34 51