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IGBT Welding Machine

Welder welding is to provide a certain characteristic electrical power, welding due to the flexible and easy to be solid and reliable, even with the advantage after welding base material of equivalent strength for lack of a wide range of industries, such as aerospace, shipbuilding, automobiles, containers.

Welder (electric welding machine) actually has decreased the external characteristics of the transformer, the 220V and 380V AC into low voltage direct current, welding generally based on the output power can be divided into two types, one is the AC power; one kind is direct current. DC welder can say this is a high-power rectifier, positive and negative points, AC input, after transformer transformer, then rectified by the rectifier, and the drop in output characteristics with the power output of the ON and OFF will produce a great change in voltage at the moment of arc ignition bipolar short circuit generated by the arc to melt the electrode and welding, so that they reach the cooling was bound object. Welding transformer has its own characteristics, external feature is a sharp decline after the ignition electrode voltage characteristics