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DIY Inverter Welder

ULITE DIY Inverter Welder has comparable good price. The MOSFET design in the machine could save much cost. The PCB board is single board or three board.
1. Smaller size, light weight, and high efficiency with low consumption(TIG Series).
2. When used for MMA, easy to get arc started, without cohesion between work piece and stick, suitable to acid, alkaline and stainless steel sticker.
3. Stable under continuous condition, this machine can working normally when power network fluctuates among ±20%, compensate the voltage if there`s any fluctuation.
4. Good welding performance with high strength, especially thin sheet metal.
5. Suit to stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and other nonferrous metal, applicable to the industries decorating, furniture, vehicle and hardware, and etc.